Our vision


The vision of ADD Value Coaching is to support adults and high school students with ADHD to set goals,

improve their executive function issues, to get more organised and to achieve positive outcomes in their life.


It can feel overwhelming having ADHD and not coping with the day-to-day struggles of life.

Experiencing difficulties with the skills that others take for granted can feel like major obstacles.

It is so easy to get distracted and lose motivation when life’s challenges appear to be too huge to handle.


Having an ADHD Coach gives you access to the tools you need to succeed but which have been too difficult for you to discover on your own!


ADHD coaching for adults and high school students

About us



Jennifer Blunden


Jennifer has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has held senior financial roles with Australian and International private and public companies. She still works as an Accountant in addition to managing her own business, Part Time Professionals Pty Ltd.


In 2018, Jennifer commenced volunteering as a Mentor for the Raise Foundation, an organisation that impacts youth wellbeing and engagement through early intervention mentoring programs in high schools and communities.


Wanting to extend her involvement in community service, and having enjoyed working with and mentoring a number of staff members throughout her career, Jennifer joined Max Potential in 2019 as a volunteer Coach to provide personal leadership development, including coaching, to young leaders from schools and the community.


With both family and friends affected by ADHD, Jennifer has a personal connection to the world of ADHD and its issues. From this experience she brings both understanding and insight into her interactions with her Clients and their families.


Being a passionate supporter and advocate for people with ADHD, and seeing a distressing shortage of ADHD Coaches, Jennifer has established ADD Value Coaching with the primary goal to support adults and high school students with ADHD.






“Jennifer has been providing coaching and mentoring services to myself and my business for over 20 years.  Her astute advice and guidance has enabled myself and my business to flourish and grow.  Jennifer has provided depth and perspective to the daily operations of my business, as well as the long- term successful achievement of individual and corporate plans and goals.  I would thoroughly recommend Jennifer and her coaching and mentoring services – her personal and business acumen is a wealth of knowledge and experience that any person and their business would benefit from”.


Cheryl Lintott, Newcastle Business Services Pty Ltd






Feedback from clients


"I feel more on top of things". 


"I feel better and more in control".


"I was well prepared and felt less stressed in my exams".


"This is already an improvement upon my old habits and I'm recognising that".

"I found our session this morning both reassuring and motivating that I’m on the right track and making progress.

Thanks for your understanding, support and meeting me where I’m at on this journey I find myself on".


"I have had a 50% improvement in organisation" (after one session).






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